Pin & Itabag Grading

Product Grading Scale

Please note that grading is subjective, and these are the guidelines we use when quality checking our products. Please read over the guide - by purchasing our products you are agreeing to the terms and grading scheme outlined below.

Please note that sales for pins and itabags that are B Grade or lower are final. Exchanges or returns are not accepted. 

Enamel Pin Grading Guide

Standard (A) Grade 

As enamel pins are handmade, we cannot guarantee perfection, but will always do our best to send the best quality out to you. 

  • May be very tiny minor flaws such as minor scuffs or pores only visible under high observation / certain angles / certain lighting 
  • These flaws will not be noticeable unless you try hard to spot them!

B Grade 
These pins are slightly lower quality than A-Grade pins, and will have small imperfections, but will only have 1-2 small almost unnoticeable flaws) examples: 

  • Small unfilled enamel areas
  • Thicker enamel lines
  • Small scratches and scuffs
  • Metal discolouring or small chips 

These pins will have noticeable imperfections, similar to B Grades, but cover either or/and a larger surface area, on a more noticeable area (e.g. if defect is on the face of an animal would be a C Grade, but on a small decorative flower of the pin would be considered a B Grade) examples include:

  • Noticeable scratches
  • Medium/large unfilled enamel areas
  • Some dust particles
  • Small bubbles or marks


ItaBag Grading Guide

Standard (A Grade)

These bags will be the ones that are closest to perfection, but as all bags are handmade and sewn, we cannot guarantee perfection, but promise to send out the best and highest quality of the batch to you. 

  • May have a unnoticeable stray/loose thread (which you can just snip off, it doesn't affect functionality)
  • Minuscule specks/spots on the panel or body but nothing significant or noticeable - usually only seen if you look at it under close observation

B Grade

These bags have slight cosmetic imperfections that do not affect functionality, generally in smaller areas, similar to accounting for wear & tear. 

Examples of imperfections include, but are not limited to: 

  • Bag Material: Small dents or wrinkles (usually caused by another bag's hardware pressing against it for a long period of time during transit) 
  • Stitching: Loose threads or things not 100% glued all the way (such as zipper pull ends) that do not compromise functionality 
  • Screenprinting: Slightly faded screenprinting, chipped off details, small missing details or specks on details 
  • Clear Panel: Small scuffs or scratches on the front that are not very visible or obvious
  • Misc: Missing zipper pull on one or less of the zippers (e.g. on the main compartment with 2 zippers, there is only 1 zipper) or tails that are slightly harder to snap on 

C Grade

These bags are heavily discounted due to larger area of imperfections. Imperfections are similar to the B Grade examples, but usually cover a larger or more distracting area. 

  • Bag Material: Dents or wrinkles covering a larger surface area, and/or on a more distracting area (e.g. the face)
  • Stitching: Loose threads not 100% glued all the way, or certain parts not glued properly 
  • Screenprinting: Faded screenprinting, missing details, larger specks, scratches or other imperfections on screenprinted details
  • Clear Panel: Larger area of scuffs or scratches on the front clear panel 
  • Misc: Missing zipper pulls (which you can attach a keychain to make it more personalised and functional) and/or clip on tails (rare),