Cow-ramel Pudding Pin
Cow-ramel Pudding Pin
Cow-ramel Pudding Pin
Cow-ramel Pudding Pin
Cow-ramel Pudding Pin
Cow-ramel Pudding Pin

Cow-ramel Pudding Pin

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Grading A Grade

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Caramel Pudding Enamel Pin: Indulge in the delightful fusion of cows and caramel pudding with our Cow-ramel Pudding Pin! This playful design showcases a cute cow resting atop a caramel pudding, capturing the essence of this delectable treat. Add a dash of sweetness to your collection with this charming pin.

♥ 44mm

♥ Hard Enamel Pin
♥ Gold Plating
♥ Rubber Clutch
♥ Backing Card
♥ Engraved backstamp 

♥ Colours may vary between your monitor's colours and physical product. 

Since enamel pins are handmade, even standard grade pins may have minor imperfections - please read our grading guide for more information.

Enamel Pin Grading Guide

Below is a simplified guideline for easy shopping purposes. For more detailed descriptions, please visit our PIN GRADING GUIDE PAGE

Standard (A) Grade 
Since all pins are handmade, so no pins are perfect, and these are the highest quality ones you will receive from me. 

- May be very tiny minor flaws only visible under observation (e.g. small scuffs or pores)

B Grade

Contain small minor imperfections such as (but not limited to)

- Thicker or uneven metal lines

- Metal discolouring or chips

- Small scuffs or dust specks

These pins will have noticeable imperfections, offered at a discount (50-70% off)

- Uneven or areas with under or unfilled enamel

- Lose/wiggly posts

- Larger areas of scuffs or scratches on surfaces

Please note that everyone's grading is slightly different, but this is how I grade my pins, and by purchasing my pins you agree to the terms and grading scheme showed below